Fruit Mixes, Fresh Fruit Preservers, & Pectin

Whether it’s creating perfectly textured jams and jellies or making homemade fruit filling for pies, it’s our mission to provide you with delicious products from farm to table.

Mrs. Wages’ preserves are perfect for maintaining the color and flavor of your fruit and will help prevent browning. This allows you to can or freeze all of your favorite fruits.

The ingredient Pectin is what gives your jams and jellies their set, gel-like texture. Our packets allow you to use fresh produce to create homemade jams and jellies. We even offer a no sugar added mix for a lighter option!

Looking to make no-cook, freezer jam? Look no further! In our premium line of canning solutions, you can enjoy this tasty treat instantly.

Mrs. Wages Fruit Mixes will help you create pies the whole family will be raving about at your next holiday party. Using our variety of blends, you can create pies, tarts, spiced cakes, crisps, cobblers, and other desserts easily. You don’t have to be a professional chef, but everyone tasting your treats will think you are.