Pear and Fennel Pork Bruschetta | Mrs. Wages

Pear and Fennel Pork Bruschetta

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Pear and Fennel Pork Bruschetta | Mrs. Wages


1 red onion (julienne)

1 fennel (fresh, quartered sliced)

2 oz olive oil

1/2 oz red wine

1/2 oz red wine Vinegar

1/2 oz red pepper (julienne)

2 pears (peeled sliced)

2 packets (0.8 oz) Mrs. Wages® Guacamole Mix

1 cup water

2 lbs pulled pork (unsauced)

1 loaf Italian bread

Gorgonzola Cheese (to taste)

green onion (sliced) (to taste)


1Sauté the red onion and the fennel in the olive oil until they start to soften.

2Deglaze with the red wine and vinegar and add the Mrs. Wages Guacamole mix and bring to a boil to reduce the liquid.

3Add the red peppers and the pears, cook long enough to soften the pears but do not overcook them (they should not be mush), if needed add one cup of water.

4Chill the mixture completely.

5When ready to make slice the bread on a bias and toast in the oven.

6Cut the bread into triangles then top with a Tbsp of pulled pork and 2 Tbsp of the pear fennel relish.

7Place mixture back into oven for 8 to 10 minutes to warm.

8Top each piece with a pinch of Gorgonzola cheese and a pinch of green onions. Ready to Serve.

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