How to Can Strawberry Jam

Many people are now discovering the joys of canning their favorite foods and concoctions. Whether it’s preserving fresh garden produce, jams and jellies, canning is an old method that can help keep these foods safe and edible for a very long time. And canning their homemade strawberry jams is a favorite project for many food enthusiasts. It is quite simple to do and only takes a couple of hours, but the results can be rewarding. There’s something about a jar of home-canned jam that makes it special. It is a must in most households for a quick breakfast or snack... more »

How Do You Keep Peaches From Turning Brown When Canned?

Nothing can beat eating a fresh peach plucked right from the tree; juicy and warm that hits you with all the flavors of summer. However, peach season only runs from May to September, which doesn’t give us much time to enjoy this fruit. But hey, you can always slice up the peaches well ahead of time, and then freeze or can them to ensure their freshness for a long time. The trouble is that once picked, peaches can go bad quickly, which is why you need to use a few household staples to keep the peaches from turning brown. But... more »