1 Step

People are busier than ever and always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen while preparing delicious meals. Thanks to Mrs. Wage’s 1 Step Kimchi and 1 Step Coleslaw, they can set the table in record time without sacrificing flavor.

Like we have with other products such as our 1 Step Pickle mixes, we’ve once again made it faster and easier for home chefs to show off their culinary skills.

Kimchi is a South Korean staple growing in popularity in the U.S., but can be intimidating to make and extremely time-consuming. Not with Mrs. Wages 1 Step Kimchi. It helps you prepare a jar of delicious kimchi in half the time—simply slice the cabbage or other vegetables, add a packet of our perfectly seasoned recipe, and you’re all set.

Mrs. Wage’s 1 Step Coleslaw is just as easy to prepare. It’s perfectly proportioned to mix with a standard bag of pre-shredded cabbage found in grocery stores and comes in two mouthwatering flavors, creamy or vinegar base. It’s homemade, made fast.

Mrs. Wages 1 Step Pickle Kosher Dill ready Made Pickling Brine is canning made easy!! With flavors like Spicy Garlic, Pickle Kosher Dill and Pickle Bread and Butter, its never been easier and faster to DIY. There’s even a Pickle Pickled Vegetables for other pickling those veggies you just can’t get enough of. No cooking required!!

Thanks to the convenience of Mrs. Wage’s, you’re only one step away from serving a perfect meal.

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