Cuisine: Mrs. Wages® Pickled Beets Mix

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Pickled Beets Recipe with Mrs. Wages Pickled Beets Mix photo

Pickled Beets Recipe with Mrs. Wages Pickled Beets Mix

Each year, pickled beets are on my list of preserves that I absolutely must make. Some years I do them with the standard array of pickling spices and other years use a slightly sweetened, ginger-spiked brine. This year, I decided to try my hand at this pickled beets recipe using a little bit of help from Mrs. Wages. I deviated from the package recipe slightly and used five pounds of beets (simmered until tender, peeled and sliced into 1-inch cubes), the lower end of the sugar suggested, and omitted the onions (simply because I hadn’t planned well and didn’t have enough in the house). I also found that I needed a good deal more vinegar than the recipe initially calls for, as there just wasn’t enough liquid to fully cover the beets. Once I added additional vinegar to create enough liquid, these pickles came together so quickly. Even with my small changes, I still had a yield of six pints. I took a taste while filling the jars and the flavors were spot-on. I particularly liked the addition of the prepared horseradish, as it gave the pickles a gentle spiciness. I plan on giving them a couple weeks to fully marinate before digging in. What I particularly love about using a Mrs. Wages® mix is that it takes the guesswork out of the canning process. It allows me to try new flavors without running the risk that it won’t turn out. I also love that it’s an entirely acceptable shortcut (it’s particularly welcome on hot days when my kitchen begins to resemble a furnace). I’m always delighted with what helps me get delicious food into jars and this pickled beets recipe is up there with the best.

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Mrs. Wages® Red Ribbon Sliced Pickled Beets photo

6 pints

Mrs. Wages® Red Ribbon Sliced Pickled Beets

I normally can beets every summer. I get the beets at the Iowa City Farmer’s Market. I use them as a condiment with meals. I usually can pickles in competition, so I’d thought I’d try beets this time at the Iowa State Fair this year and won second place.

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