How To Get Crisp Dill Pickles While Canning

Dill pickles are a staple in every American household. A classic topping on burgers and hotdogs, dill pickles epitomize summer for everyone. However, if you love to make them at home, the problem is that you may end up with soft, mushy pickles instead of perfect, crispy ones. As much as we’d like, it’s not possible to prevent pickles from going soft, especially if you didn’t pay attention during the canning process. If left in jars for extended periods, your pickles will eventually begin to get mushy. That’s why it’s important to get the canning process right and leave the... more »

How Long Does Homemade Canned Food Last?

Ever wish you could store batches of your famous jam for months? Maybe you have a child going away to college, and you wish there were a way to make sure that they have your home-cooked meals every night? Well, let me tell you about a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and healthy answer to your prayers. Canning food is the process of storing food in airtight containers. But before that, it is heated to a temperature where all harmful bacteria and microorganisms die so you can quickly cover and preserve it in pristine condition. Then open up the can whenever the... more »

A Guide To Foods That Can Be Canned!

Do you source your fruits and vegetables from your farm or buy in bulk to get the best rates? Are you looking for ways to preserve them, so they last way past their shelf life? Try canning them – canned food can be kept safe for a very long time as it is impervious to contamination. This way, you can have flavorsome, nutrient-rich food anytime you please. Each canned item can last for at least several years, depending on the food type and how good your canning technique is. What Type Of Food Can Be Canned Safely? Canning is one... more »