Cuisine: Mrs. Wages® Medium Salsa Tomato Mix

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Baked Salsa Chicken photo

Baked Salsa Chicken

Don’t worry about needing to go to the grocery store with this recipe! With two simple ingredients, you have a delicious dinner or side dish.

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Illinois State Fair – Red Ribbon Tomato Salsa photo

About 5 pints

Illinois State Fair – Red Ribbon Tomato Salsa

“As a kid, I watched and helped my mom can tomatoes until she quit at the age of 86. It was a very labor-intensive job and she used a pressure canner, which is why I wanted to try something a lot easier and quicker. "The Mrs. Wages® Medium Salsa mix is very good and has just the right amount of heat for the average person. I liked the option of using fresh tomatoes or store bought canned tomatoes. In this recipe, I used petite diced tomatoes and followed the recipe to the letter using the hot water bath method to preserve them. "I have used this same mix for "ready quickly salsa" and it is just as good. As with all salsa ( mix or scratch) the flavor will be more intense the next day. For our taste, we like to add a little chopped fresh cilantro to the finished product.”

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Kim Lyon’s Best of Show Canned Sweet Corn and Corn Casserole photo

12 pints

Kim Lyon’s Best of Show Canned Sweet Corn and Corn Casserole

The secret to producing exquisite corn is timing. Since corn turns to starch rather quickly, the time from garden to kitchen should be done within hours. Plan to pick your corn and take it to the kitchen to process right away. I usually get my corn from the farmer’s market, however the winning corn came from a roadside stand near Springfield, IL.

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Mini Meatloaves photo

6 - 8 Servings

Mini Meatloaves

These mini-meatloaves are great for a weeknight dinner. Because they are mini, they cook in no time. You can also get creative with the topping and let each family member choose what style they want.

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Mrs. Wages® Blue Ribbon Salsa photo

5 pints

Mrs. Wages® Blue Ribbon Salsa

I only use Mrs. Wages® mixes to make my salsa. I grow my own tomatoes and I used a combination of Beefsteak and Black Krim, which is an heirloom tomato. They are delicious. My family loves the taste of it. This was my first time at entering the State Fair canning division. I was absolutely shocked that I won a blue ribbon. We use the salsa for all our burritos, quesadillas, as well as with tortilla chips.

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