Healthy Recipes Available to You

In our last article we went over how important gardening and canning can be for your personal health goals. Today, we’ll be discussing some healthy recipes for you to try at home – either with or without your home grown produce. 

This list includes fresh flavor combinations, baking instead of frying, and new uses for your vegetables. Here are five healthy recipes for you to try today. 

Baked Avocado Chips

Baked instead of fried, these avocado treats are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Served best with Mrs. Wages® All Natural Chipotle Ranch Dressing Mix.

Spring Harvest Soup 

A garden inspired soup featuring leeks, carrots, potatoes, and more seasoned with Mrs. Wages® Roasted Onion Potato Mix

Kimchi Spring Rolls 

Fresh asian flavors made even better by Mrs. Wages® 1 Step Kimchi

Panzanella Bread Salad 

An innovative take on bruschetta that brings together bright and savory flavors using Mrs. Wages® Bruschetta Mix.

Bacon and Dill Potato Salad 

A sweet and salty side, snack, or appetizer made using turkey bacon, red potatoes, and Mrs. Wages® Sweet Pickle Relish Mix.

For more ideas in the kitchen, check out Mrs. Wages® Recipe Page with new recipes being added! Thanks for stopping by. 

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